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Unveiling D&D's 'Glory of the Giants': A Fun Dive into Bigby's Upcoming Source book!

Updated: May 27

Hear ye, hear ye, adventurers of all realms! Gather 'round as we unravel the mysteries of the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook, "Bigby Presents, Glory of the Giants." This tome, set to grace our world on 08-15-23, promises to be a giant leap (pun intended) in expanding the lore and gameplay options involving our towering friends, the giants.

Now, let's embark on a whimsical journey through the chapters of this grandiose guidebook, narrated by Bigby, the wizard famed for his magical mitts, and Diancastra, the giant demigoddess. Their tales will surely add a dash of color to our adventure.

Character Options: The first chapter is like a treasure trove for players, brimming with new options. Ever fancied walking the "path of the giant" as a Barbarian? Or perhaps you'd like to delve into the backgrounds of a Giant Foundling or a Rune Carver? With eight new feats and giant character stories, this chapter is a veritable feast for the imaginative mind.

Giants in Play: Chapter Two is a deep dive into the world of giants. Here, you'll learn about roleplaying giants, the giant pantheon known as the Ordning, their Gods and Religion, social structure, and organizations. It's like a backstage pass to the giants' world!

Giant Adventures: This chapter guides you to creating epic encounters, adventures, and campaigns involving giants. It's packed with advice and options for incorporating new player options and monsters found elsewhere in the book. Adventure awaits!

Giant Enclaves: Ever wondered where giants hang out? This chapter unveils giant-themed locations with maps, magic, and adventure seeds for your campaigns. It's like a travel guide for the intrepid adventurer!

Giant Treasures: What's an adventure without treasures? This section unveils items from the world of giants, including giant bags, relics of giant civilizations, and 30 magical items. It's like a giant yard sale!

Bestiary: Last but not least, the book boasts an extensive bestiary featuring over 70 stat blocks. This chapter is a menagerie of monstrous marvels, from Death Giants and Magic-using Giants to Giant Cultists and Elemental Creatures descended from giants.

Yet, we must address the owlbear in the room. The rising price tag, coupled with the timing of the release, might cast a shadow over the excitement. Recent hiccups in WotC's PR haven't helped either. Wouldn't it have made more sense to release this giant-themed book alongside the Storm Kings of Thunder campaign setting? Or perhaps even include it in the package for the now hefty price of 60 gold coins for the bundle? Rrrraarrr!

But let's not be too hasty to judge. For the love of the game and our vibrant community, we hope this sourcebook lives up to the hype and proves its weight in gold. After all, it's not just any book; it's a narration by Bigby.

Ah, Bigby! For those not in the know, he's not just any wizard. He's an iconic figure in the D&D universe, known for his magical hands. Bigby was once an apprentice of the archmage Mordenkainen and has since become a legend in his own right. His spells, often prefixed with his name (like Bigby's Hand), are renowned across multiple realms. This time, he's lending his voice to the lore of the giants. Let's hope it's a tale worth telling!

And that, dear adventurers, is a sneak peek into the wonders of "Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants." So, mark your calendars for August and prepare for a giant adventure!

Despite the recent challenges and the odd timing, we're hoping that this new sourcebook will be a shining gem in the treasure chest of D&D lore. After all, the love of the game brings us together, and the thrill of the adventure keeps us coming back for more. So, here's to hoping this new addition to our collection will be worth every piece of gold and every ounce of hype. We are sure and confident that Smiteworks will do its best to adapt and convert this new book into the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT platform. Happy adventuring!

Bigby's Spells:

Bigby's clenched fist

Bigby's crushing hand

Bigby's forceful hand

Bigby's grasping hand

Bigby's interposing hand

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