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Fantasy Grounds Extensions

Managing Extensions in Fantasy Grounds: A Comprehensive Guide:

Are you getting constant console errors? Perhaps it is due to using extensions? Have you tried disabling your extensions yet?

Note that you can use the chat command:


/console skip
*(Do not use continuously, reserve for emergencies. Contact the extension author as soon as you can, or use during development.

Sound Familiar?

Extensions significantly enhance the functionality and user experience on Fantasy Grounds, a premier virtual tabletop platform. However, without proper management, they can also introduce disruptions. This guide provides essential tips and best practices for managing extensions effectively, especially beneficial for new users or those encountering difficulties. It also emphasizes the need for practice, experience, and good use case examples to make informed choices about extensions.

Key Tips & Practices

1. Understanding the Platform and Ruleset: Gain a solid understanding of both Fantasy Grounds and the ruleset you're using to better assess how extensions might impact your game.

2. Avoid Functionality Overlap: Prevent conflicts by avoiding the use of multiple extensions that provide similar functionalities.

3. Choosing Manual over Automated: Determine if manual control might be more effective than automated extensions for specific tasks.

4. Assessing Extension Necessity: Regularly review the necessity of each extension to maintain a streamlined setup.

5. Deactivate Irrelevant Extensions: Disable extensions that are not relevant to your current campaign to prevent unnecessary complications.

6. Monitoring Performance: Monitor the impact of extensions on the game’s performance and make necessary adjustments.

7. Engage with the Community: Participate in forums, engage with developers for support, and report issues in the appropriate threads.

8. Comprehensive Understanding of Extensions: Ensure you fully understand how to configure and utilize each extension to maximize its benefits.

9. Enhancing Player Experience: Ensure that extensions improve the gameplay experience without complicating it unnecessarily.

10. Managing Extension Dependencies: Be prepared for the possibility that some extensions may become unsupported or outdated.

11. Staying True to the Ruleset: Ensure that extensions do not excessively alter the fundamental mechanics of the ruleset.

12. Recognizing Ruleset Characteristics: Understand that not all rulesets will benefit from automation; some may require a more hands-on approach.

13. Utilizing Test Campaigns: Use test campaigns to trial new extensions without risking the stability of your main campaign.

14. Effective Troubleshooting: Use a systematic approach like the process of elimination to efficiently identify issues with extensions.

15. Ensuring Clean Uninstallation: Properly uninstall extensions to prevent residual data from corrupting your campaign.

16. Backing Up Data: Regularly back up your campaign data to protect against potential data loss.

17. Careful Update and Extension Integration: Avoid making significant changes right before game sessions to minimize disruptions..

Additional Resources

- Fantasy Grounds Forums - House of Healing: For troubleshooting and bug reports, visit:

- FG Forge: To find extensions and communicate with authors, visit:

- FG Extensions Forum: For community discussions and support on extensions, visit:

Note: This Blog post is not designed to discredit the extension authors, cut into FG Forge sales, or discourage the use of extensions, it is mainly designed to help one navigate the complexities of using extensions in Fantasy Grounds, helping and ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.*


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