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Be Part of the Action: Founder's Day VI 2023 RPG Events on Fantasy Grounds Unity!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Founder's Day VI Weekend Sign-Ups is a popular online event scheduling tool specifically designed for tabletop gaming events. Unrivaled Event Management for Gaming Enthusiasts: Warhorn streamlines organization and registration for gaming events of all scopes. Whether it's a casual home game, a weekly meetup at your local game store, or a major regional or national convention, Warhorn has got you covered.

1.) Events and Games offered.

2.) Create an account on

  • Why: It's FREE.

  • Easy Scheduling: Warhorn provides an intuitive platform to schedule gaming sessions. It enables organizers to efficiently manage the timing, duration, and capacity of each event.

  • Streamlined Registration: Users can easily register for events, view available games and time slots, and sign up for sessions that fit their interests and schedules.

  • Centralized Information: Warhorn serves as a centralized location for all event information, making it easy for participants to find out when and where they need to be for each session.

  • Community Building: Warhorn is widely used in the tabletop gaming community. By using this platform, Fantasy Grounds Academy is tapping into an existing network of gaming enthusiasts, which can help attract new participants to the event.

  • Organizer Tools: Warhorn offers a variety of tools for organizers, such as attendee tracking, waitlist management, and communication options, which can help ensure a smooth and successful event.

As we gear up for Founder's Day VI, happening on the weekend of July 28th-30th, we invite you to join us in making this event more memorable and exciting. Whether you're a streamer, a game master, a player, a content creator, or interested in helping with event organization, we have numerous opportunities for you to get involved!

  • Streamers: If you stream on the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT platform, we would love to promote your stream during the Founder's Day VI weekend. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your content to our wider community.

  • Game Masters: Interested in running a game during the event? Please sign up using our Google forms, and we'll help list your event on

  • Players: Simply register on and look out for our game sign-up announcement prior to the Founder's Day VI weekend. You'll have the chance to join in a one-shot game and share in the excitement!

  • Presenters and Content Creators: If you have content to showcase or a presentation to make, we'd love to include you in the lineup. Just sign up on the Google form with the details you want, and we will list your event on

  • Volunteers: Lastly, if you're interested in helping moderate, direct traffic, or be directly involved with a specific event, please send a private message to @Laerun#1378 or @G-Rex#1398 in Discord. We greatly appreciate your support!

Founder's Day VI is a celebration of our community, and we can't wait to see how you'll contribute to this special event. Let's make it a weekend to remember!

Looking forward to celebrating with you all,

Fantasy Grounds Academy Team

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