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Travel with Rudolph Van Richten to the Domains of Dread

The mist beckons! Explore Ravenloft, if you dare, in this campaign sourcebook for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Fantasy Grounds Screenshot of Van Richen’s Guide to Ravenloft Available May 18th 2021

Anyone that has played D&D5e’s “Curse of Strahd” knows of the terrors that are found in Ravenloft. No one knows it better than the famous vampire hunter Rudolph Van Richten, who shares his notes about Barovia and the other Domains of Dread in this sourcebook from Wizards of the Coast. The book will be available in stores on May 18th, and the Fantasy Grounds module version will be available from either the Fantasy Grounds website, or through Steam. For Players:

You’ll be able to find 2 new subclasses, the College of Spirits for bards and the Undead pact for warlocks. There are new lineages, including dhampir, hexblood, and reborn, and new backgrounds as well. For Dungeon Masters: Explore the Domains of Dread, or there are even instructions on fleshing out your own idea for a custom domain with its own Darklord. Included in this product is a new haunted adventure with which to terrify your players, complete with all new monsters, so no meta gaming here. If you are running a campaign with horror-elements, this product will fit right in, giving you even more adventures in which you can take your players.

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