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Suggestions and tips for the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT platform

Author: Laerun, Fantasy Grounds Academy

Date: October, 2022

Topic: Tips, Suggestions & Resources.

Tips and advice for all, players, GMs, and content creators.

Know your resources:

Learn how to use and when to visit this resource. Make a habit of visiting at least once per week, especially if you are a GM or a content creator.

Post questions, read about upcoming events and product beta details. Post or find games, and potentially troubleshoot your issues with Fantasy Grounds.

The forums have been around for a long time and it might be a little bit daunting or overwhelming to find current or specific content. Try using a Google search with search terms such as "Fantasy Grounds Forums+(insert your topic here)".

Google has a much more powerful index and search function than the internal forums search function. If you are logged into the FG Forums website, you can subscribe and follow specific forum topic threads so that if any new posts or responses are created, you can elect to be alerted via email. This is your main Fantasy Grounds resource.

The Fantasy Grounds Atlassian (Wiki Guides)

If you are self sufficient or you are wanting to know something specific about the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT platform, visit the newer, searchable, and link friendly web portal. The Fantasy Grounds Customer Support Atlassian website gives you the tools to start a support ticket, it's more searchable, and you can create your own PDF user guide with just the content you want or need. The Atlassian is a growing and evolving resource. The more we use it, request for additional content or revisions, the better this tool becomes.

The Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT platform is constantly evolving and expanding. The Atlassian is only as good as its users and will improve if everyone helps contribute and utilize this newer tool. As the platform grows, the needs of the community grows too. Tutorials, links, and support articles will need to be updated constantly to stay current, and that's no easy task.

The Fantasy Grounds Academy Discord Community.

The Fantasy Grounds Academy Discord has been active for over five years. We don't pretend to know everything about Fantasy Grounds , but we do try to help the community as best we can. The Academy was originally built on frustration and unfamiliarity with the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT platform. If you need some help, a workshop, or inspiration, join us here!

Zacchaeus's "How Do I"resource link List

Here is a great resource that covers many common questions or concerns.

First Time Dungeon Masters/Gamemasters

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