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Streamlining Adventure Creation with the FG Unity import tools using Chat GPT with Fantasy Grounds!

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Enhancing Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT with Chat GPT: Streamlining Content Creation for More Immersive Adventures

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(Update for new Chat GPT 4.0, 11-17-23)


Digital platforms like Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT have revolutionized the world of tabletop role-playing games (RPGs). With its powerful features and flexibility, Fantasy Grounds Unity enables game masters (GMs) to bring their imaginative worlds to life. However, creating engaging content for these virtual tabletop environments can be daunting. And this is where an A.I. App like Chat GPT comes in potentially.

This article explores three compelling use cases for leveraging Chat GPT to help streamline content creation and enhance the Fantasy Grounds Unity content creation experience.

Disclaimer: The examples below assume the DnD5e Ruleset. All rule sets are slightly different and may not contain the same type of style of FGU import tools. The outline and formatting for a one-shot are likely compatible across most supported official rule sets, whereas the stat block and NPC import tool may vary or not exist in the FGU VTT platform. The PAID version of Chat GPT 4.0 also created these prompts. Access to the GPTs created in Chat GPT requires a Chat GPT account in the first video and the links are by request only.

  1. Story Structure & Outline: Crafting Compelling Story Outlines and Structures with well-written prompts.

The backbone of any memorable RPG adventure lies in its story. Chat GPT can be a valuable tool for generating starting or inspirational experiences or level outlines and structures, providing GMs with help and guidance. For example, by using a "five-room dungeon" design process or any other tried-and-true writing methods, GMs can harness the power of Chat GPT to kickstart their adventure design.

To make the most of Chat GPT, it's essential to understand its limitations. The AI tends to wander after extended use, so creating smaller sections or pieces is recommended rather than tackling a massive project simultaneously. By breaking the adventure into manageable chunks, GMs can generate coherent prompts and refine the generated content to suit their needs.

For instance, a GM can ask Chat GPT to help design a one-shot or a shorter adventure by specifying the desired length and theme. By leveraging Chat GPT's creative abilities, GMs can quickly receive story prompts, character ideas, and exciting plot twists. Remember, the key is to collaborate with Chat GPT as a creative partner, using its suggestions as a starting point for your unique narrative. It's recommended to rely on something other than an AI app like Chat GPT for every. As the author, you must add at least one-third of the work. It's rare to be able to create everything with an app like Chat GPT.

DnD5e Rule set NPC Import tool.

  1. Fantasy Grounds NPC Import Tool: One can streamline NPC Creation with FGU's Import Tool in consideration of the FG Unity parsing requirements. (DnD5e)

A rich cast of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) breathes life into the virtual worlds of Fantasy Grounds Unity. However, creating NPCs can be a time-consuming task. Chat GPT can expedite the process by assisting with NPC generation if one is using the official D&D 5e NPC text format.

To ensure smooth integration with FGU's NPC import tool, it is crucial to follow the formatting and template requirements precisely. The template should match the official D&D 5e NPC format, paying attention to spelling, formatting, and structure. By meticulously constructing an NPC template to use with Chat GPT, GMs can leverage Chat GPT to generate NPC descriptions, backstories, abilities, and other relevant details.

For example, GMs can provide Chat GPT with a brief description of the desired NPC's appearance, personality traits, and role in the adventure. Using Chat GPT, GMs can quickly receive fleshed-out NPC profiles, saving valuable time and effort. Remember to review and refine the generated content to align it with your campaign's vision and desired level of detail.

DnD5e Table Importer
DnD5e rule set table import tool.

  1. FGU Table Import Tool: Simplifying Table Imports for Efficient Data Importing into FGU.

Tables and lists are crucial in RPGs, providing essential information such as encounter tables, loot tables, or character attributes. Chat GPT can streamline creating and managing tables by generating structured lists that can be easily imported into Fantasy Grounds Unity.

To ensure successful table imports, paying attention to formatting and avoiding terms like "table," which can confuse Chat GPT's Text-generation capabilities, is crucial. Instead, use alternatives like "list" to maintain clarity and prevent unwanted formatting issues.

For instance, GMs can create a spreadsheet with columns and rows representing the desired table structure. By providing Chat GPT with the necessary information and using the pipes symbol "|" as a separator, GMs can request the AI's assistance in populating the table with relevant data. This approach allows efficient text export, sorting, and import into Fantasy Grounds Unity.

Example Text Prompt:

Rollable lists:

Please generate a list in the format below. A two-digit result, separated by a symbol only. No formatted tables. You can use a simple list only. The numeric value should be two digits, and a 00 development = 100. The formatting text, row, and column should be preserved for consistency and for parsing the data into the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT table import tool.


"List Title," don't use or ask for a table.

[Roll| Result (Header)]

1d6| Result (Header)

01| Result One.

02| Result Two.

03| Result Three.


Leveraging the power of Chat GPT within Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT unlocks new possibilities for GMs seeking to create immersive and engaging adventures. By utilizing Chat GPT's assistance in crafting story outlines and structures, expediting NPC creation, and simplifying table imports, GMs can focus more on world-building, storytelling, and providing memorable experiences for their players.

Remember, Chat GPT is a tool, not a way of life. It can be an invaluable tool; it should be treated as a creative partner rather than a replacement for human creativity and refinement. You can use the generated content as a springboard for your ideas and ensure it aligns with your campaign's visions and unique creativity.

Using an AI app like Chat GPT for inspiration or writing assistance is not necessarily a bad or taboo thing to do within your own personal game or private space.

However, if you plan to build content for commercial retail sales, follow the changes, laws, and rules for whatever platform you use for distribution and sales. Also, keep in mind the potential pushback from the creative community as they will often go out of their way to remind you that you are violating their rights, stealing their intellect property or their friend's livelihoods, and perhaps even be accused of breaking an unspoken code of ethics, especially when it comes to generative AI art apps.

Just be aware of the potential changes and laws in your local area, heed the RPG community backlash, and cancel culture-type behavior.

With Chat GPT as your ally, the possibilities are endless. Embrace the synergy between AI and your imagination, and embark on an adventure that will captivate and delight players in the fantastical realms of Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT. Happy gaming!

Chat GPT AI prompt Examples:

NPC (DnD5e)

Parsing Prompts and Tools for Chat GPT AI.

NPC Import Tool (DnD5e)

DnD5e NPC Statblock Template:

Bob the Bartender

Medium Humanoid, Neutral Good

Armor Class 11 (no armor)

Hit Points 11 (3d4 +1)

Speed 30 ft.


10 (+0) 12 (+1) 10 (+0) 14 (+2) 15 (+2) 16 (+3)

Saving Throws Int +4, Wis +4

Skills Insight +4, Perception +4, Persuasion +5

Damage Vulnerabilities None

Damage Resistances None

Damage Immunities None

Condition Immunities None

Senses: Normal

Languages: Common, Dwarvish

Challenge: 1/4 (50XP)

Proficiency Bonus:(+2)


Friendly. Bob is an excellent and outgoing bartender who is always willing to listen to the troubles of his customers.



Innate Spellcasting.


Prompt add-on for Chat GPT: **The text above is for parsing into the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT platform, do NOT change anything regarding the structure, formatting, and layout.

It is very critical to preserve this style and layout.**

Adventure design ( Design your own) Custom for whatever your needs, ruler set, or such requires.


Professional adventure design template for the DnD5e rule set. Use as a guide to create an adventure with detail and substance.

Start and execute with the following.

GM Introduction:

1.1. Adventure Background:

Could you describe the overarching plot or theme of the adventure?

1.2. Adventure Hooks:

Provide three or more plot hooks to engage the players and motivate their characters to participate in the adventure within the context of the theme and lore of the adventure.

For example, the plot hooks can take many forms, such as a direct summons, a desperate plea for help, or even starting from a local rumor in a public establishment like a tavern, at a local inn, or on the streets, like a public marketplace. A courier or a paid messenger might also be an exciting way to receive a request.

The starting location, information, and resources are also semi-substantial initially.

1.3. Adventure Synopsis: Summarize the adventure's leading events and locations, giving the GM an overview of its structure and direction.

1.4 Technical information: Suggest character levels, party size, and any suggested DnD5e game content or supplements when applicable.

The Adventure:

Detail the locations, Areas, or Room Descriptions: (Generally 3-9 rooms or areas, depending on the complexity and length of the story and adventure).

Refrain from skimming out on or getting lazy with creating; dialog, names, places, things, or descriptions!

Be consistent, professional, and grammatically correct with the adventure writing.

**Very Important and helpful:

Always add NPC dialog to help add immersion when possible. Generate official DnD5e NPC stat blocks, item description stat blocks, and rollable lists of results or choices that are plentiful, such as a rumor table, story options, or behavior list, etc.

Format Example:


#d#| Result

01| Result One.

02| Result Two.

Please suggest any difficulty challenge ratings based on the adventure levels and difficulty, with the proper DnD5e rule and set format when requiring skill checks.

Also, could you provide at least one or two alternate skill options to obtain a different way to perceive helpful information or another method or path to avoid or solve a skill challenge? The degrees of success or failure in a given result also reveal better or more exciting outcomes or information results.

DC challenge ratings should be set with a difficulty rating and added for any story or situational things in place. Also, add a set of different results or higher than required rolls, as this might open up better outcomes, such as rolling a natural 20, or worse results when rolling a natural one roll.

For each area or room, include the following information:

(Not every site has to include all of these, but please use the formatting below when it's provided and applicable or necessary. The numbers herein are for organizational structure, not necessarily reflective of the adventure chapters.)

Each of the potential rooms or areas should be structured and similar. Section 2.# is an example of the information and format for each site and space.

2.1. Read Aloud:

Describe the area's appearance, sounds, smells, and other sensory details, as well as any immediately noticeable features or NPCs. Consider less common senses, such as emotions or magical auras, where appropriate. Please write in story format, not just tell the information like narration.

2.2. GM Section:

Provide additional background information, setup details, and any secrets or hidden features that may be revealed during the encounter. Also, mention any other relevant information.

2.3. Encounter:

Detail any combat, traps, puzzles, riddles, setbacks, or roleplaying challenges the players may face in this area. Include relevant tactics, strategies, or hints to help guide the players.

2.4. Reward:

List potential rewards for completing the encounter, such as treasure, information, milestones, or progress toward the adventure's goal.

2.5. Aftermath:

Could you describe any consequences or outcomes resulting from the players' actions in this area and any connections or leads to the next area or room in the adventure?

(Add at least three or more areas, rooms, or both. An adventure should proceed with role-playing challenges, puzzles, traps, minor setbacks, combat, exploration, and plot twists or lore discoveries.)

Story Outro Ending:

3.1. Adventure Conclusion:

She was summing up the adventure's conclusion, considering the players' choices and the outcomes of their actions.

3.2. Future Plot Hooks:

I want to offer suggestions for future adventures or plot hooks that build on the events of this adventure.

3.3. Epilogue:

Provide a potential story arc epilogue that describes possible long-term effects of the adventure on the game world, for the player characters, or both.

Optional and related Sidebar information:

Adventure content such as new mechanics, items, or essential rule changes.

Rollable lists:

Rollable lists prompt example:

Please generate a list in the format below. A two-digit result, separated by a symbol only. No formatted tables. You can use a simple list only. The numeric value should be two digits, and a 00 development = 100. The formatting text, row, and column should be preserved for consistency and for parsing the data into the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT table import tool.


"List Title"

[Roll| Result (Header style)]

1d6| Result (Header)

01| Result One.

02| Result Two.

03| Result Three.

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