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SmiteWorks licenses AD&D, adding several products to support the ruleset

Fans of the second edition ruleset of D&D will be pleased to know that SmiteWorks has officially licensed AD&D, and users can now create campaigns using the new products.

The first four products to support the ruleset include:

  1. The Player’s Handbook

  2. The Dungeon Master’s Guide

  3. Monstrous Manual

  4. “N1: Cult of the Reptile God” (Adventure)

The Second Edition ruleset is built-into Fantasy Grounds, and if you update, you will now see the 2E ruleset, which is available at all levels, including those with a Demo copy of Fantasy Grounds.

Links for support of this first four products can be found in Celestian’s post on the Fantasy Grounds forum at:

Get your THAC0 on and enjoy the nostalgia of this popular ruleset, or be introduced to something a bit different than the 5E ruleset that most people use nowadays.

We at Fantasy Grounds College are fans of the Fantasy Grounds program, and advocate its use in playing D&D and other RPGs online. We are not affiliated or officially endorsed by SmiteWorks USA LLC or Fantasy Grounds.


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