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Now Recruiting!

Updated: Jan 9, 2023


Now Recruiting for volunteers!

The Fantasy Grounds Academy Discord community is looking for volunteers who are interested in helping the community maintain function as a place to get help, inspiration, and familiarity with the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT platform. Orientation and training are available if needed.

Please inquire within almost any Faculty volunteer can help direct you! (Fantasy Grounds Academy Discord invite Link)

Some of the tertiary benefits are:

  • 1.) Making a difference in the gaming community.

  • 2.) Meet new potential players and GMs as well as occasionally meeting the development teams and publishers of your favorite rulesets.

  • 3.) Learn the platform and broaden your understanding of the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT platform

  • 4.) Higher potential to find fellow players and GMs to play with in one shot or potentially long term campaigns.

  • 5.) Evolve into a knowledgeable FGU user and possibly get into creating and building your own content for free or for sale on the FG Store/Forge.

  • 6.) Teaching to learn and learning to teach others helps one build confidence, trust , and patience.

  • 7.) Having fun and forming a positive hobby is very cathartic and beneficial for mental health and wellness.

  • 8.) Learn from other GMs and content creators to help expand and solidify your own personal knowledge needs.*

Happy Holidays and Happy Gaming folks! December 2022

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