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“Mwangi Expanse Lost Omens” AP is coming to Pathfinder 2e

Paizo announced at PAX Online that they will be releasing a new Adventure Path – “Mwangi Expanse Lost Omens” for Pathfinder 2e in June 2021. While Mwangi Expanse has been mentioned in previous Pathfinder releases, this is the first book that will offer a more complete look at the area, which is inspired in part by African folklore. Fans can look forward to a hefty sized book, coming in at over 300 pages. The module version for Fantasy Grounds users will be released at the same time as the hardcover book.

Current Fantasy Grounds products set in the Mwangi Expanse include:

Pathfinder 2 RPG – Pathfinder Lost Omens Character Guide

Pathfinder RPG 2 – Pathfinder Adventure: The Slithering Pathfinder 2 RPG – Age of Ashes AP 2: Cult of Cinders

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