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Mapper’s Delight II

FGC is planning our next event, which is a streamed interview of sorts, where we introduce you to several cartographers who will talk about their beginnings in making maps. We want to have both newer and veteran cartographers. The event is called “Mapper’s Delight II,” and it will be held on the FGC Twitch page at on February 2, 2020 at 10:00 am PST (UTC -8).

The following cartographers have agreed to be part of our event: Kris (TheMaphatter), Tom Cartos, Paul Zane, Nick S., Rela (Kellerica), Bogie (Dan Roy), Dominique Strange (Domino44) and Aaron Gentry (Vex.)

If you are interested in checking out our first “Mapper’s Delight” event, which took place in January 2018, you can view our video of the event below.

We at Fantasy Grounds College are fans of the Fantasy Grounds program, and advocate its use in playing D&D and other RPGs online. We are not affiliated or officially endorsed by SmiteWorks USA LLC or Fantasy Grounds.


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