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Looking for new monsters for your D&D adventures? Two words – Creature Codex

Just out from Kobold Press, makers of “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” and “The Rise of Tiamat,” as well as the popular “Midgard” setting all for the 5th edition setting of D&D.

Creature Codex — Converted for use with Fantasy Grounds

Now, exclusively for 5E D&D, and converted to a Fantasy Grounds module by none other than popular streamer and author Rob Twohy (Rob2E) we have a book of monsters. And I mean huge. Nearly 400 in the 424 page module. That means a lot of full page pictures and stat blogs for monsters such as new demons and angels, and animal lords, to clockwork constructs that have a nasty effect upon expiring.

New and exciting monsters for every level party

There are creatures with ratings from CR0 – CR25, so you can surprise your low level parties with new and exciting monsters as well as your level 20 parties.

But the book isn’t only about the monsters. Adventures can find magic items and there are also a new spell called “Call a Roggenwolf” for Clerics, Druids and Rangers. In addition, there is a small amount of adventuring gear.

Danger: Beware of the Mold Zombie

Lastly… beware the Mold Zombie. It’s a bringer of iumenta pox. And you do NOT want to catch that.

Pick up a copy of “Creature Codex” from the Fantasy Grounds store, or on Steam today, and scare your adventurers with new and exciting monsters they’ve never seen before.


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