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Free League Publishing Month

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

The Fantasy Grounds Academy Community sponsors publisher's month celebration with Free League Publishing with related Fantasy Grounds Unity-based community events.

We have Free League Publishing, the publishers of the Alien, Symbaroum, and Vaesen rulesets along with the Fantasy Grounds Unity developers to come and speak about Free League Publishing's, FG content. We will also discuss things about the gaming hobby and about RPGs in general. This event includes the lead writer and author for the Alien RPG, Drew Gaska. We also have the two Smiteworks developers that adapted the FLP Alien RPG into FG Unity.

Join our community to run your favorite Free League Publishing game systems, find other users that are interested in your favorite FLP ruleset, join in a workshop, or participate and watch the main symposium events. You might find your next players, your next Gamemaster or Hive-Mother.

Join us for events such as one-shot games, a couple of online workshops regarding Fantasy Grounds Unity, and the Symposiums.

We will hold and stream an "Alien Day" Symposium event on LV4-26, Tuesday, April 26th at 7:00 PM CET.

Look for 'events to sign up for or attend in our community Discord community. Also, if you are a GM or an Alien Hive-Mother, please inquire about having your potential one-shot or practice game listed and promoted in April.

Also, we have booked abother special guest to take part in our Free League Publishing month with the help of the helpful staff and members of the marketibf team at Free League Publishing. We now have confirmed Gabrielle De Bourg for Sunday, April 24th, 7:00 PM CET to discuss the Vaesen RPG ruleset and to meet one of the more prolific RPG writers around!

Join us on our Twitch channel online, live at 1:00 PM ET at

Join our community Discord.

Watch the symposiums on Twitch

Archives will be uploaded to the FG Academy Community YouTube channel.





A Special thanks to Free League Publishing, Smiteworks, and our community volunteers.


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