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Founder’s Day Weekend 2020 – The Recap

Fantasy Grounds College held our third anniversary “Founder’s Day Weekend,” the weekend of July 24-26, 2020. We had great participation from GMs, who ended up posting 39 games for players to enjoy, and all but one were able to be played, so I would call this a success. During our event, we had games from a variety of rulesets: from DnD5e, DnD5e AL, Starfinder, Castles & Crusades, DEM Modern 5e, Dungeon Crawl Classics, DnD2e, Call of Cthulhu and Traveller. Most of the games were run in Fantasy Grounds Classic, but a few were run in Fantasy Grounds Unity. Fantasy Grounds College has grown a lot in a year’s time. Last year during Founder’s Day Weekend, we had just reached 5,000 members. This year, we are sitting at just over 8200 members. Along with our contest giving away $50.00 to spend in the Fantasy Grounds store for one Game Master and one player, we also ran our “YouTube-alooza 2020” contest, giving away 2 more standard licenses. One winner chose a Classic license and the other chose a Ultimate license. Winners of the YouTube-alooza contest are: Skylar_Wolf and t_cats. Congrats!! We announced the winners of the DM and Player drawings on “All Things Fantasy Grounds” Sunday night (July 26) 6pm PDT Winners of the DM and Players contest are: DM winner: ivormac Player winner: JMBknvc Founder Laerun streamed his Homebrew One-shot game, and you can watch it at: PixelCorpses third session of Lost Mine of Phandelver was streamed by one of his players. You can view it here:

Below, you will find some comments from some of the DMs and Players that attended our “Founder’s Day Weekend” event.

Founder’s Day Weekend Feedback

Had a blast… Lots of fun!” – I am zane and I approve that message. I hosted “Dragon’s Breath Inn” and I had some great players. I had hoped to stream it, but OBS didn’t want to record my voice, so I had to give up. My first time DMing for Founder’s Day, and won’t be my last.” – Lady Shel Finn ran a great game! Thanks for creating the opportunity for us all to learn more and play with some new folks.”Gristle This has been my 1st experience with Founder’s Day and I would have to say that it met all of my expectations. I have been to many Cons and considering the health hazard that we are all dealing with, this was a very nice event and well-structured and organized. I would have to say that it has run smoother than some Cons that I have personally attended. I would like to thank everyone who put this on which includes all of the DM’s and the players who took time out of their day to participate. I look forward to next Founder’s Day event!” – Ft_Hood “I had a wonderful time in both events, you have a wonderful community. The DM help document was a godsend as I had no idea how to set up a game here (I have done it on other discord servers but was clueless as to what to do here) and that document made it very clear what I needed to do. Thank you for running this event.”tiger_tim “While there were some minor technical issues at the start of the session I played in, overall the session was very enjoyable, very silly at times, and was an excellent first session using Fantasy Grounds as a VTT. The people I played with were extremely friendly as well.” TokenOracle As someone new to D&D and only taken CC101, CC101b and your short one-shot as my Battle101, I absolutely loved Founder’s Day Weekend! I thought I would just grab the chance to play a lot of games but it’s been a surprisingly great learning environment. I played with people new to FG, new to D&D as well, but also played with people who’ve been playing D&D for a long time and those familiar with FG. I could ask questions during the time the DM was looking up or preparing something and the other players could answer. One of the games was on FG Unity and we were having so many tech issues, but Windrunner sat with us when he could to help, so I still enjoyed myself despite the issues. The experiences also cemented my decision to use FG for the group I DM, but now I’m not sure if I should get FG classic or unity.” – Diwata “I had a blast both as a new DM and player during Founder’s Day Weekend. It was fantastic to have the chance to try out my new FGC DM skills on a group of fun-loving and patient players. Thanks to @LadyShel and Fantasy Grounds College for putting together this event for RPG fans both old and new. Looking forward to next year’s event!” – FinnF “This was definitely an event to remember. Discord was a buzz of activity, many newcomers, many simultaneous games. A tough choice, sometimes! I had journeys with companions from all over the world – online really knows no borders. Met new people, made new friends. A big thank you to all the game-runners, to the FGC faculty and to my fellow adventurers. We shall meet again.”Archbishop_Lazarus

Below you will find screenshots from many of our “Founder’s Day Weekend” games. We’d like to thank all our GMs that hosted games, and all the players that played in them. 🙂

2e TOEE Moat House – DM ivormac

5e A Fallen Temple – DM Deniecu

5e TOEE Moat House – DM ivormac

A Starry Breach – DM ivormac

DEM 5e Modern – A Bad Day in Traffic – DM ZomBart

5e Dead Man’s Tales – DM DannyWonderful

5e Dragon’s Breath Tavern – DM Lady Shel

CoC Final Flight of the Metal Gods – GM zane

CoC Final Flight of the Metal Gods – GM zane

5e AL Greenest in Flames – DM tiger_tim

5e AL In Volos Wake – DM Elwhynn

5e – Lost Mine of Phandelver Chapter 1 (Fri) – DM PixelCorpse

5e – Lost Mine of Phandelver Chapter 1 (Sat) – DM PixelCorpse

5e – Lost Mine of Phandelver Chapter 1 (Sat) – DM PixelCorpse

5e – Lost Mine of Phandelver Chapter 1 (Sun) – DM PixelCorpse

DCC – Moonricket Bridge – GM Tabarkus

DCC – Moonricket Bridge – GM Tabarkus

5e – Of Birds and Bees – DM Founder Laerun

5e – Of Birds and Bees – DM Founder Laerun

5e AL – Pudding Faire – GM marcusrife

Starfinder – Skitter Shot – GM Aussie Hope

Castles & Crusades – Tegal Manor (Fri) – GM JimmyVee

Castles & Crusades – Tegal Manor (Fri) – GM JimmyVee

Castles & Crusades – Tegal Manor (Sat) – GM JimmyVee

Castles & Crusades – Tegal Manor (Sun) – GM JimmyVee

5e AL – The Black Road – GM Elwhynn

5e AL – Uninvited Guests – GM Elwhynn

5e – Wild Sheep Chase (Fri) – GM Roach

5e – Wild Sheep Chase (Sat) – GM Roach

We at Fantasy Grounds College are fans of the Fantasy Grounds program, and advocate its use in playing D&D and other RPGs online. We are not affiliated or officially endorsed by SmiteWorks USA LLC or Fantasy Grounds.


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