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FGC Times: FGC’s Youtube channel tops 1000 Subscribers!

Fantasy Grounds College first created our Youtube channel in September 2017. Since that time, we saw our growth increase to 500 subscribers in a year’s time. Now, as of July 2018, we have broken the 1000 subscriber mark.

Thank you to everyone that enjoys our content on our Youtube channel enough to want to subscribe and watch what we are adding. Your opinion matters to us.

What kind of content would you like us to add to our channel?

  1. More Tutorials.

  2. More Streaming videos of classes given via our Twitch channel.

  3. Something else? Please post a comment if you have an idea for something you’d like to see us make a video about.

If you haven’t seen our Youtube channel yet, you can find us at:

We at Fantasy Grounds College are fans of the Fantasy Grounds program, and advocate its use in playing D&D and other RPGs online. We are not affiliated or officially endorsed by SmiteWorks USA LLC or Fantasy Grounds.


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