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FGC College Times: Using the FG College Discord

I thought I’d write a little article on getting around the FG College Discord. If you’ve joined us, likely you’ve spent a little

time in our #general-chat, after being greeted by a helpful staff member asking to assist you in the #welcome-center.

That is just the first location on your trip through our Discord server. If you’re new to RPG and/or D&D, and have never used Fantasy Grounds to play, joining one of our classes will get you off to being able to play a game in no time. Well, maybe in a few hours, anyway.

If you are a seasoned RPG player, then the first step to getting started in a game would be to take one of our Character Creation classes. These are offered at various times from instructors across the globe. Keep in mind that we are all volunteers, so there may not be a class that works for your time zone, but we do our best to have classes offered at different times of the day so that we can hopefully have something available for people everywhere.

You can find our Events calendar at Search here for classes that work for your time zone. As I write this (July 2019) we are currently listing our classes in UTC 0 time zone, to make it easier for people to just add or subtract their time zone from UTC 0 if they are not in that particular time zone themselves. We also include a Time Conversion link on each of our Event pages where someone would be booking a spot, so they can see when they class or game will happen in their time.

Most of our classes are given based on the D&D5e ruleset, which is the most current version of D&D and the most popular. We also have staff that are familiar with Pathfinder, Starfinder, Savage Worlds and Call of Cthulhu. These classes for other rulesets aren’t offered quite as often as the 5E classes, but if you want to learn one of the latter, or even something else I haven’t mentioned, feel free to use our handy Request Assistance link to tell us what you’d like to learn and when you have time to do so.

In order for us to help you find a class for your time zone, we’ll need you to edit your profile to reflect your time zone. If you are unsure of your time zone, you can go to Time Zone Converter where you can type in your city, check the boxes to “Include UTC Time Zone” in results and show time zone.

In my example, I type in Chico and it says I’m in California, which is correct. When I get my conversion, it tells me I’m at -7 UTC. (-8 UTC in the fall when we have Daylight Savings change)

Now, you’ll need to edit your profile to reflect your time zone. This is simply done by right clicking on your name and choosing “Change nickname.” If you are on mobile, you would long press on your name and then when the menu comes up, choose “Change nickname.”

Now you’ve gotten our profile set up with a new avatar (maybe), and you’ve added your time zone. You know where to find classes. What about games? As with our classes, you can find any One-shot games on our Events calendar. We have Combat classes to get the mechanics down and get new players some practice time before they join a One-shot, but we welcome new players in our One-shots and will help you with any combat-related questions, should you want to skip the combat class and head strait to a live game. We also have a fun Role Playing class where you can build a character while rolling each ability and taking whatever comes up and then deciding what kind of character you will be when all of your abilities are filled.  Will you mesh with the other players on the table, or will you clash? With the dice revealing your character’s abilities, it’s up to you to decide who you are and how the group will relate as a party.

So, what if you want to be a DM? After you know how to make a character, and maybe took a combat class which shows you around the Fantasy Grounds desktop, you will want to try one of our DM classes. Several of the Professor’s teach not only 101 but 102, and 103 versions which show more advanced features of Fantasy Grounds. We also have Weapons & Effects coding. Check for prerequisites before signing up to any of the advanced classes.

Hope you’ve found this information helpful. Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions about Fantasy Grounds or the FG College Discord. My name is LadyShel.

We at Fantasy Grounds College are fans of the Fantasy Grounds program, and advocate its use in playing D&D and other RPGs online. We are not affiliated or officially endorsed by SmiteWorks USA LLC or Fantasy Grounds.


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