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FGC: Ask The Experts: Some Commonly Asked Questions

On the Fantasy Grounds College Discord, we have a channel for technical questions. We often get some of the same questions asked by various users, so I thought we might add a post here with some of the more commonly asked questions, along with their answers. Before I post some of those questions, I wanted to say, “Did you know that you can use the Discord Search to find questions about the topic you are wondering about? Just type in the topic that you are asking about in the search bar. See image below.

You will find results in the right column. You will see various cases of the topic being mentioned from newest/oldest and most recent. Click on the jump button to go to that part of the conversation and see if your question has already been answered.

Ok, on with some of our more popular questions

Q: Can players import their own characters into a game?

A: Players can import characters into a campaign if they have that character on their local machine.

If you want to have a character that you have played in one campaign imported into another you can go into manage characters using the name of the campaign played in an export it from there. Then import into the new campaign.

If you have a license then you can import characters you export from your own campaign too.

Q: I have the DnD5e Players Handbook. I am thinking of adding one more module from the Core Rules. Which do you think is more useful to have? The Monster Manual or the Dungeon Master’s Guide?

A: The rollable tables in the DMG are worth the price alone If you only run published adventures you’ll never need the Monster Manual..

Q: I know the DM can put pins on a map, but are players able to do the same? Just curious. As example, if the players while traveling came across something but wanted to pin it on their world map so they could find it again later, would that be available?

A: No, players can’t do that. But the DM can put the pin in and share it.

Q: How do you save your campaign?

A: Type /save in the chat window in Fantasy Grounds. Fantasy Grounds auto-saves every 5 minutes, plus it saves again when you quit. However, I would suggest saving again before exiting if you have made changes prior. Also, you can save the /save command in one of your hot bar slots for easy access. Just click on the hot bar spot with the saved command and it will save again. See image below.

Q: I’ve seen a video where someone used the Order panel as a mini battle map, but I guess that’s not the intended behavior.

A: Well, it can be used that way. But the general idea is that you have the marching order to the players ‘fixed’ in the order panel. Another use would be to show elevation or depth, in the case of PCs that can fly, or if they are swimming. You would draw the level of the water and maybe the boat, maybe have a line going down to the bottom of the lake with an anchor. See image below:

Each square can equal 5 ft of space, or whatever you decide. So, we have 3 people in the boat, one person on the line heading to the bottom and the bard swimming in the water.

Other places to find help for Fantasy Grounds questions on FGC’s website

Besides our #ask-the-experts channel, you can find a wealth of information in our Knowledge Base at: We also have a variety of videos from Character Creation, to specific Class builds, interactive Twitch streams, Streamed games and more on the FGC YouTube channel at:

We at Fantasy Grounds College are fans of the Fantasy Grounds program, and advocate its use in playing D&D and other RPGs online. We are not affiliated or officially endorsed by SmiteWorks USA LLC or Fantasy Grounds.


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