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FG College Times: Yes, girls play D&D too!

I’m sure a lot of people think that “Dungeons & Dragons” is something that is mainly a “guy” thing. I mean, why would girls want to brandish a sword, wear armor, and fight monsters? Well, I’m here to say that they would want to do so. I love doing so. And while I am for the most part surrounded by male players, we girls enjoy a good fight, and can hold our own against any orc and goblin out there.

So, where did the misconception come from that said that D&D is something only a guy could love? *scratching head* I really have no idea, but I gotta say that it is definitely a misconception.

Ok, so I’m a new player to D&D

I’ve only been playing D&D since May 2018, but after that first session, I was hooked. I loved pretending I was someone else. I had healing power. I brandished a mace. I clanked around in my scale mail armor and even died, accidentally. Honestly, it was a problem with my armor. I think I forgot to equip it, and I got downed and died the second session I played.

But, I was resurrected by my DM who had mercy on my stupidity, and I got to roleplay (albeit badly… hey, I had only played for one day) meeting my God (Sylvanus, BTW) who said that the gods had been watching me and they had good things in store for me, and he asked me if they could count on me to do what they say. (Here comes the bad part.) I said, “Sure! I will do it.”  And with that, I regained consciousness, with my party members standing over me, and I realized I forgot to ask what the gods wanted from me. Uh.. yeah. Five months later I still don’t know.

Everyone makes mistakes, right?

That is classic Lady Shel 🙂 But the point is, I had fun roleplaying. That is something that you can do if you’re a guy or a girl, or even a guy playing a girl or a girl playing a guy. It’s very similar to acting. And face it, acting is not something that only one sex can do, so why shouldn’t girls be able to play D&D?

If you’re a female, reading this right now and wondering…. could I do that too? The answer is YES! A resounding yes, even. Believe in yourself. You will make mistakes, (see above,) but you will move on and get better and have fun, because the best part about playing D&D is that it is FUN! If it’s not, then you need to find a different game hosted by a different DM and give that a try.

Do you have a subject you’d like me to cover in an upcoming “FG College Times?” Send an email to me, LadyShel and hopefully we will cover your topic suggestion in an upcoming blog.


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