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FG College Times: FG College has reached another milestone

FG College created the Youtube channel in September 2017 to help instruct people who wanted to learn more about Fantasy Grounds. Videos can be found on creating characters, combat situations, becoming a DM, and a lot more.

Laerun, founder of FG College remembers, “Professor Collin, living in Japan, was our first video — Character Creation 101.”

Not only does the channel have a host of videos on its own, it also has a Playlist of related videos on more Fantasy Ground topics, such as the weekly “All Things Fantasy Grounds” stream, the official Fantasy Grounds channel’s own list of tutorials, how to add sound to your games, comparing Fantasy Grounds to Roll 20 and much more.

If you haven’t checked out our YouTube channel yet, you can find us at: FG College on YouTube. And if you have subscribed to our channel, our heartfelt thanks.

Maybe you have a suggestion for a Fantasy Grounds related topic you’d like to see us cover on our YouTube channel? If so, feel free to email me, LadyShel, and I will pass on your topic suggestion to the appropriate people.


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