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Fantasy Grounds Unity Pricing & Upgrades

People that weren’t lucky enough to be part of the Kickstarter have been wondering how much Unity will cost, and should they buy Fantasy Grounds Classic and upgrade, or just wait until Fantasy Grounds Unity is released. Below you will find the pricing information to help you make that decision.

Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU) is the upcoming version of SmiteWorks’ software that is currently in Closed Beta for backers of their Kickstarter campaign (closed June 2019). It was scheduled for release in December 2020 but is likely to be delayed until Q1 2020 for additional bug fixes and polish.

  1. Any add-ons or custom campaigns you create in Fantasy Grounds will be able to be used within Fantasy Grounds Unity.

  2. You will be able to copy your custom campaigns over and continue play with additional features if you have both versions.

  3. FG and FGU can’t connect to each other.

  4. Having both versions will allow you to play in campaigns with FG users and FGU users.

Here are the official pricing and upgrade paths for Fantasy Grounds Unity.

Fantasy Grounds Unity Standard $39.99

Ultimate $149.99

Standard to Ultimate $110

Upgrades from FG Classic

Upgrading from Fantasy Grounds (Classic) to Fantasy Grounds Unity will use SmiteWorks’ bundle system to discount it based on your existing license.

Upgrade FG Standard to FGU Standard $31.99 (20% off)

Upgrade FG Ultimate to FGU Ultimate $89.99 (40% off)

The following statement is Lady Shel’s personal opinion.

We can’t tell you how to go about your purchase, whether you want to buy Fantasy Grounds Classic now and upgrade, or just wait for Fantasy Grounds Unity to be released, but if you purchase now, you will be able to learn using Classic here at Fantasy Grounds College, and you’ll be that further ahead, as the only changes when Unity drops will be the in-game map building, which we will be having classes for. The way everything looks is the same as FG Classic. Also, with the prices being so low (at the time of the writing this article) it would be the cheaper option and give you months of play using Classic prior to upgrading to Unity. All the modules available will work with Unity. — Lady Shel

We at Fantasy Grounds College are fans of the Fantasy Grounds program, and advocate its use in playing D&D and other RPGs online. We are not affiliated or officially endorsed by SmiteWorks USA LLC or Fantasy Grounds.


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