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Fantasy Grounds Academy Founder's Day Weekend 5!

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Founder's Day V, Friday-Sunday July 29th-31st!

Another year has passed, and we are again celebrating our fifth year of service and engagement with the Fantasy Grounds community. This year we will take it easy and keep things simple. We will focus on what our community does best: to provide valuable and helpful content for the community to help inspire others to play their favorite games using the Fantasy Grounds Unity virtual tabletop application.

If you are new to our community and you have not joined our Discord server, the server invite link is here.

**We recommend that you use the Discord application or the phone app instead of the browser version for better integration, audio, and video use.**

Events listings

If you are interested in hosting a one-shot shot game or listing an event, you will need a GM role or Supporter role in Discord. Just mention your interest in running an event to an @administator in the general chat. The directions to use the internal Discord Events feature are pinned in the announcements channel's general chat.

Here is a video explaining this process and how to use this Discord feature; if you've never used this feature, here on YouTube. Or refer to the graphics below.

What Fantasy Grounds Academy can offer.

The graphic below will give you an idea of what we do in our community.

Types of potential Founder's Day Events (more information to come)

  • Smiteworks Engagements

  • Fantasy Grounds Unity Games & related community workshop events.

  • Industry guests, such as VTT Token artists & RPG Audio creator symposiums.

  • All Things Fantasy Grounds show.

Booked Events so far:

Fantasy Grounds Fridays with Smiteworks: This streaming event will be with the Smiteworks Social Media Team (Brad, Belle, & Bryce) & Founder Laerun for a kick-off ceremony for the Fantasy Grounds Academy Community Founder's Day V Weekend Event. 2:00 PM ET. Booked!

Doug Davison of Smiteworks ,Saturday 11:00 AM ET, July 30th, 2022. Booked.

Doug Davison "Strangerson"


Token Creators Symposium: Jan Loos, Dark Woulfe, & Devin Knight! Booked! Saturday, 3:00 PM ET 07/30/22 Discord Event Link (click): Talking with the artists and the token makers about their craft, RPGs, and their process in creating such works of art.


RPG Audio Integration Symposium: Monument Studios is sponsoring Ben Loomes from Syrinscape is attending, along with a couple of two very recognizable FG community members, Gwydion and Mattekure, for an RPG and FG audio setup integration symposium. Booked!

Sunday, July 31st, 4:00 PM ET.

All Things Fantasy Grounds Show Ep. 212, Founder's Day V Closing Ceremony with Rob2e on Twitch with Furied Fate and Drake.

Sunday, July 31st, 9:00 PM ET Booked!

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