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Dungeon Master May Event

Updated: May 11, 2022

Join the Fantasy Grounds Academy for a month of one-shots, GM workshops, and a potential way to meet your next players for our campaigns.

  1. Sign up with the event form below with a brief description and time of your potential event.

  2. Join our community Discord:

  3. Request for a "Supporter" or "Gamemaster Discord roles to have the permissions to list events within our Discord server.

  4. List events in your local time with the Discord Events tool within Discord.

  5. Show up and present your event at your given scheduled time.

  6. Social media advertising and such can be arranged.

  7. Events cannot limit control how many users or who signs up to attend, but Discord can only handle up to 20 users for a Discord VIDEO screen share.

  8. Events can be set up to stream on our official community twitch/youtube channels, live.

  9. Discord will send users a reminder IF they are on Discord prior to the event.

  10. You must START EVENT prior to your scheduled time or the reminder does not post. (Users can add to an external calendar or a reminder of your event.)

  11. We will also celebrate and support the David Middleton Memorial Con to honor the Digital Dm's life. Fun Raiser and Warhorn Event!

Sign up here:

Event Sign-up form for GMs, Speakers, & sponsors only. Google Forms (short and basic)

Event Listing Examples

Guests Booked:

1.) Keith Ammann (The Monsters Know What They're Doing): Monday, May 9th, 3:00 PM ET Live on the FGA Twitch Channel:

2.) Community Chat with FG PUG Elwhynn, Fantasy Grounds G-Rex Adventurer's League Rep, & FG Academy "Laerun": Sunday, May 22nd, 1:00 PM ET!


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