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David Middleton Memorial Con

Updated: May 6, 2022

To the Fantasy Grounds Community and any FG Academy members,

In honor of the late David Middleton, the David Middleton Memorial Con will take place on the weekend of May, Friday through Sunday, from the 13th-15th.

If you want to sign up to DM/GM that weekend, this will be a positive step towards helping to spread the word. you are already streaming that weekend; please post the Donation link listed below. If you are looking to play, we hope to have many types of games to choose from. If you wish to list a game, please register on Warhorn and an admin will help you set up your session on the Warhorn Events calendar.

Dave showed so much love to the RPG community; let us honor his memory.

For any newer or non-streaming Game Masters, please sign up to organize your potential event on Warhorn to register and run some games in honor of David Middleton, the Digital Dungeon Master.

Again, This event encompasses the weekend of May 13th-15th, all weekend.

Community GMs are signing up now to register and post games to run in honor of David and for the community that he loved.

David Middleton Memorial Con sign-up is hosted on Warhorn for organizing the event.

A non-profit fundraiser is set up for the American Heart Association charity website. Donations are optional, but we hope to raise some money on behalf of the Heart Association.

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