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Convert Animated Maps to VP8 WEBM Using HandBrake: A Guide for Fantasy Grounds Unity

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

The Fantasy Grounds VTT is built upon the Unity Platform. Unity does not support WebM using the VP9 video codec. This is a limitation of the Unity Engine, not Fantasy Grounds. Artists that make beautiful maps and tokens prefer the 2Kvto 4K VP 9 codec for more quality and smaller file sizes. However VP9 is not the standard for the Unity Engine. Web based VTTs can support WebM VP9 codec format natively. Also, Linux does not support the VP9 video codec natively have hardware decoding without the help of VLC or Chromium's decoder.

Attention: It's been noticed that the HandBrake application might leave artifacts and remove the Alpha channel transparency layer for animated WebM token graphics.

An alternative and another FREE application, Shutter Encoder below will also work, but much better.

Original FGU forums thread.

Shutter Encoder Conversion of WebM files example:

HandBrake Option:

To convert animated maps to the VP8 WEBM format using HandBrake, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download HandBrake, an open-source video conversion application, from their official website:

  2. Install HandBrake on your computer according to the instructions provided.

  3. Once installed, launch HandBrake. Drag the file you want to convert onto the application's interface.

  4. In HandBrake, select the WebM format for the output. You can do this by clicking on the Format dropdown menu and choosing WebM.

  5. If your original file has a 4K or higher resolution, selecting 1080p HD as the output resolution is recommended.

  6. Choose the Video Encoder VP8 for the conversion. This can be done by clicking on the Video Encoder dropdown menu and selecting VP8.

  7. To save time in the future, you can create a preset for these settings. This will allow you to load them quickly when you need to perform more conversions.

  8. Click on Start Encode to begin the conversion process. After a minute, you will have an FGU (Fantasy Grounds Unity) compatible animated map in the VP8 WEBM format.

These methods are suitable for converting various animated map formats such as M4V, WebP, and others.

However, it's important to note that some third-party artists and cartographers may generate and export their content using the VP9 video codec. Unfortunately, as of Fantasy Grounds Unity 4.4.0, VP9 is not supported. Therefore, if you come across files encoded in VP9 format, you may need to convert them to VP8 WEBM using tools like HandBrake or FFMpeg, as mentioned earlier, to ensure compatibility with Fantasy Grounds Unity.

For more information and discussions about converting animated maps using HandBrake, you can visit the following thread on the Fantasy Grounds forums: How to Convert animated maps to VP8 WEBM using HandBrake.

For additional options, you can also explore FFMpeg, another powerful tool for editing WebM file formats. You can find more information about FFMpeg on their official website:

Other resources:

Images and Tokens

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