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CHAR101-PF Creation Notes

General Notes

These materials are what we’ll be using for the CHAR101-PF1e course. These will include options to create characters, external links, and other items. It is suggested that you have this window open and minimized in the background, as we’ll be referring to it.

“ARC” Method

As with the other systems, the best way to go about things is to first do your Ability scores, then your Race and then your Class. “ARC” for short. Doing it any other way will either not give you enough skill points, or will have you double dip in ability scores.

Stat Array

We will be using the following ability score array; please put a 14 in Constitution and a 12 in Intelligence.

18, 16, 10, 8

Available Feats

  1. Dodge: +1 dodge AC

  2. Iron Will/Great Fortitude/Lightning Reflexes: +2 to Will, Fort or Reflex Save

  3. Point-Blank Shot: +1 to attack and damage if target is within 30 of your ranged attack

  4. Rapid Shot: Can make additional ranged attack at highest bonus when full-attack. All ranged attacks take a -2 to hit that round.

  5. Power Attack: -1 to hit for +2 damage

  6. Cleave: Can make a second attack against an adjacent target if you hit with the first. -2 AC until next turn

  7. Selective Channel: Can exclude certain individuals from your channel energy heal/damage equal to your Charisma modifier.

  8. Spell Focus: +1 to DC of a school of magic of your choice

  9. Toughness: +3 HP

  10. Weapon Focus: +1 to hit with selected weapon

SRD Links

External Links

I will be mentioning a few external links and sites, please see them below:

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