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Big Changes are coming to the FG Academy!

The Discord “Events” feature is now live on all discord servers!

Fantasy Grounds Academy is excited to share a better way to organize our community events like; classes, one-shot games, and symposium gatherings. You will visibly see the “events” posts on the top of your Discord.

Attention: If you wish to create your own events, join as an instructor, or even manage your own Discord, Please read and familiarize yourself with this article detailing the new changes and preview the examples of how to use the new events features in Discord. The link to the Events article is here. LINK

What does this mean or do for the Fantasy Grounds Academy community?

  1. Class events and requests will be now be visible and hosted in our community Discord server!

  2. FG Academy will phase out the current WordPress Events Calendar plugin.

  3. No more UTC title requirements and no more discouraging & disparaging time zone confusions.

  4. Listing and signing up for events will be much more easier and focused.

  5. The website request forms, sign ups, and calendars willl be disabled.

  6. Current events will remain until they have occurred or expired.

  7. Moving forward, new events will be posted in Discord.

  8. The website will be mainly read only access, but still host links, blogs, and news.

  9. The current plan for this website is to become a blog, a funnel, and most links will point back to the community Discord.

If the time zone confusion and this website frustrated you or discouraged your participation in the past, please consider returning to our community. FG Academy is still looking for volunteers to help us inspire and show Fantasy Grounds to the community and for GMs to practice their craft with our support and within the halls of FG Academy!

Fantasy Grounds Academy!

Fantasy Grounds Academy

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