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What types of classes or events does the Fantasy Grounds Academy offer?

Updated: May 12, 2022

This article was written for of the Fantasy Grounds user community and for those wanting to know more about the Fantasy Grounds platform

Previously in 2021, in cooperation with Smiteworks, Fantasy Grounds College changed its name and branding to the current title of the "Fantasy Grounds Academy."

Fantasy Grounds Academy, or simply FGA is an all volunteer community. FGA is not an official affiliate and it's not directly employed by Smiteworks, LLC. The FG Academy and Smiteworks do cooperate and communicate fairly often to coordinate events, and for some information that might need to be made more clear.

Our volunteers try to schedule events when they can. There is no set schedule of what is offered. However, we do try to provide some o guidance, support, and instruction in most of the more popular events monthly as represented in the example graphics below. We are an all volunteer community that provides free content and information for the Fantasy Grounds community.


Join our community for help, inspiration, and to ask questions.

Download the latest demo version of the Fantasy Grounds Unity platform here

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