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Syrinscape Local Sound Integration for FGU 4.4.0

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

FGU Unity Local Sound Set Up - Fantasy Grounds Unity | FGU 4.4.0

Topic: 06/18/23 Using the FG "Localized" audio integration within the FGU platform.

Official Atlassian Wiki Guide: Updated 06/17/23

  • Using Sound Links

Join us for a live stream hosted by the Fantasy Grounds Academy, where we'll explore the FG Unity platform and discuss the use of local sound integration features and related content during gameplay. GM tips will be provided.

Localized Sound Resources:

  1. Updated Audio routing or piping video by @LordGwydion

    • YouTube Video

  1. VLC Audio Control Extension: (Free)

    • VLC Extension

    • VLC 2.0 Only (Not 3.0+)

    • VLC 2.0 Download

    • VLC Extension Player Setup (FGU 4.4.0) by @dungeonbuilder1816

Original Smiteworks 4.4.0 Features Release Video:

  • YouTube Video (24:58) - Audio section

Syrinscape: (Supersyrin Sub Only)

  • Syrinscape Subscription by @Syrinscape

Smiteworks Audio Links Sound sets:

  • Sound Sets

FGU Platform Content Links:

  • FGU Platform Content

Other Helpful FGA Community Links:

  • FGA Discord Invite: Join Discord

  • FGA Website: Fantasy Grounds Academy

  • FGA Patreon: Support on Patreon

  • FGA Affiliate Advocate Partner Sign-Up: Become an Affiliate Advocate

  • FGA Link Tree: Link Tree

Basic Flow Chart (Visual Reference)

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