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Staff Biographies – LadyShel [FGC Soc Media]

FGC Discord Name: LadyShel [FGC Soc Media]

FGC Position: I am on staff as both a greeter of new members that arrive on our discord in our #general-chat channel as well as the person that creates posts in the FG College Times here on our official Fantasy Grounds College website. Plus, my most recent additional duties include posting on social media platforms about FGC and Fantasy Grounds.

How many years of RPG experience do you have? And what types of games have you played?: I am actually very new to RPGs, if you don’t count my experience playing on MUDs back in the early 1990s. I used to be a co-owner of a DikuMUD named the “Crystal Unicorn.”

My experience with D&D started in May 2018, when I was at work, my boss asked several of the people in our department if we would like to join his D&D game online.

LadyShel’s Avatar

We didn’t know anything about Fantasy Grounds at the time, but we each downloaded the Demo version and created our characters and started our first campaign (one that we are still playing – “Princes of the Apocalypse.”) After that first night I was hooked, and asked him, “Can we play again tomorrow night?” BTW, I have since purchased the Standard license of Fantasy Grounds and hope to get the Ultimate License and run my own games one day.

What is your favorite class and race to play and why?: Being that I like to help people, it should be no surprise that my favorite class is the Cleric. I like to help keep my party members alive. 🙂

What is your favorite ruleset, if you have one, and why?: The first ruleset that I used (although I didn’t know then that was what it was called) was 5E. It remains my favorite, however I have taken several classes at FGC using Starfinder, Pathfinder 1 and 2 and Savage Worlds. All three of those are fun, and I hope to one day get the chance to play in some others. If I had to say why 5E is my favorite, it would most likely be because it is the one that I have the most experience playing with.

In your gaming experience as a player, is there something that stands out as especially memorable? For example, being part of a party that used a unique way to achieve their goal, or maybe the opposite, someone that you recall (not naming names) that did a really boneheaded move in game?: I would have to say that in my weekly game playing “Princes of the Apocalypse,” I remember a time when we were in the Lost Dwarven City, fighting a mage atop a Wyrven, and the monk in our party decided to use his dexterous ability to do a flip up in the air where the Wyrven was flying low with the mage on his back. He grabbed the Wyrven’s neck and flipped around landing on the back of the Wyrven behind the mage. That was pretty amazing to see.

In your gaming experience as a DM, is there a particular event that stands out as memorable, and why?: I have yet to run a campaign as a DM, although I’ve participated in many DM classes here at FGC (and learned something new in each one, so I always tell people not to be afraid to repeat classes. I have the Ultimate license, but my internet connection is too slow to host people on my table. It is a goal for the future however, and I look forward to changing the answer to this question after I’ve had a memorable event as a DM. (Probably TPKing my first party of people :X) Just kidding. 😉

How has Fantasy Grounds helped with your love of gaming? For example, have you found it easier to find and play with others online as opposed to face to face games, or perhaps the ease of not having to figure out things manually, like damages, or how many rounds a spell will last? Or something else?: This question is hard for me to answer as playing RPGs using Fantasy Grounds is the only way I’ve played. I hope one day to play in some face-to-face games. What I do truly enjoy is that I can be playing with someone from Australia, someone from the east coast of the U.S. (I’m on the West coast) and someone in eastern Europe all at the same time.

Do you have any advice for players that are new to Fantasy Grounds?: Yes! Don’t be afraid to take classes. You may have played face-to-face for years and think you’ve got it all down, but learning the Fantasy Grounds software can have a steep learning curve, and learning it with others that have the same questions and concerns is just an all-around good time experience. Also, never think that a question you have is dumb. Chances are three other people in the class have that same question. Also, I believe that the only dumb question is one you don’t ask. Then lastly, don’t be afraid to participate in the one-shots that are held on the FGC server. The DMs that run the practice games are very newbie friendly, but even if you’re not a newbie, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie, and you may be helping another person become the next RPG addict, just like me. 🙂


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