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Spelljammer 5e

The highly anticipated return of the beloved astral space setting has finally arrived! If you have not already seen the Spelljammer content in the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT platform format, check it out here.

Incorporating into your current campaign or starting a fresh campaign?

You can slowly introduce elements of the Spelljammer content into your current campaigns or start a fresh game using the the Spelljammer setting. This includes a module, the campaign setting, and a Boo's Monster Menagerie as well. The price tag is at the 50 dollar level because of the additional content and the three books included with this campaign setting.

When we first took a look at the Spelljammer content it became apparent that it would not be too much of stretch or a problem to mix into your own personal games. Two things stood out right away as if the intention or seeds were already there. The ID Ascendant section of the RotFM and also the space clowns from the Spelljammer world could infiltrate the Witchlight carnival. However you end up including this material, there are many different options. Zacchaeus gives us our first look at the newer ship to ship NPC record in the Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT platform to help accommodate the integration of combat and ship management here.

Spelljammer 5e graphic ©Copyright: Wizards of the Coast & Dungeons and Dragons

The ship to ship combat feature has also been added to the Saltmarsh and Avernus settings as well. The added features included into the base program helps increase the value of the FGU platform without raising the base cost of the available subscriptions or the full, one-time cost licenses. We have added in our own content regarding the potential uses and the content incorporation of the Spelljammer setting here.

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