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FG College Times: Don’t have a DM available? Try a solo game!

Hey everyone, welcome to my latest blog of “The FG College Times.” Today’s topic has to do with when you’re itching to play, but you don’t have a DM available to run your game. As easy as it is to find groups to play with using Fantasy Grounds, sometimes there might not be enough people for a group, or nobody wants to be the DM. There is a solution to that, and that is play a Solo Adventure.

What is a Solo Adventure?

I don’t know if I’m dating myself, but, yeah, I probably am. Back in the 1980s there were a group of books called “Choose Your Own Adventure.” They were marketed towards children, but loved by people of many ages.

The concept is that you read a few pages of a story, then you have to decide, are you going to do a) or b)? If you pick a), you would turn to a specific page, but if b) you turn to another page. So, basically you wrote the story, and depending on your choices, you could have a new story every time you read the book.

The Solo Adventure RPG uses that same concept, and you will receive instructions on not only what page to turn to, but possibly give you a map to load, or a skill check to perform, such as DC 12 Wisdom check.

You are both the player and the DM, without actually logging in a second character in the game. Note: This also means that if you are facing an opponent, as the DM you have to attack your own character with the opponent. That can be hard to try and kill yourself, but it’s still fun to try to get out of a jam that you put yourself in.

Solo Adventure Recommendations

I’d like to recommend three of these books that are actually a series. Start with:

Tyrant of Zhentil Keep

After you complete this book, move on to:

The Death Knight’s Squire

You will want to use the same character you used in Zhentil Keep so that if you have collected any treasure or special items, you can use them in the second book. After this, try:

Citadel of the Raven

Again, use the same character you used in the second book, as you will most likely have some important items that will help you with this quest. The links to the FG versions of the modules above are from the (Dungeon Master’s Guild)

Note that even though the books are connected, you do NOT have to play the previous books in order to enjoy playing the later versions.

I have played all three, and they are very challenging. Do you look at every clue? Or do you try to steam through as quickly as possible to finish your quest? Only you can decide. Update: There are now several other solo games, and there is even a module that lets you create your own solo adventures to play. The Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox

I hope you’ve enjoyed my adventure selection(s) in this article. Do you have a subject you’d like me to cover in the “FG College Times” article? Send me an email to LadyShel and hopefully your suggestion will be used in an upcoming article.

We at Fantasy Grounds College are fans of the Fantasy Grounds program, and advocate its use in playing D&D and other RPGs online. We are not affiliated or officially endorsed by SmiteWorks USA LLC or Fantasy Grounds.


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