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Fantasy Grounds Academy 2021 Status!

The FGA Website is changing & evolving!

Fantasy Grounds Academy will continue its events and sign-ups in our FGA Discord community. This will help and be beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. Time Zone confusion will be eliminated, events are displayed in your local time zone.

  2. Security Risks on the website are alleviated.

  3. Classes are held in the FGA Discord & scheduled there, which makes more sense.

  4. Discord will remind those that ‘show interest’ in an event before or at the start of the event.

  5. Event planners and volunteers can easily manage their own events without requiring admin approval.

  6. Consolidation of communication and community cohesiveness.

More information here about these changes.

The FGA website will still feature Blog articles, social media links, and an organized video link portal for our YouTube tutorial and events videos. We will also post announcements and product reviews occasionally. All changes will be finalized by 02/01/22. No new website ETA yet.

Happy Holidays from FGA!

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