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Danger Gal: Michiko Sanderson's Rise in Cyberpunk's Night City

Danger Gal Dossier & Michiko Sanderson Overview

Danger Gal:

  • Type: Private Investigation and Security Firm.

  • Established: Late 2020s to early 2030s.

  • Status: Active.

  • Headquarters: Night City.

  • Other Locations: New York, Miami, Montreal, London, Rome, Zurich, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Toronto.

  • Founder & Leader: Michiko Sanderson.

  • Number of Members: 1,800 (as of 2045).

  • Affiliations: NUSA government (2045).

  • Appearances:

    • Books: Danger Gal Dossier.

    • Games: Cyberpunk RED.


  • Between 2023 and 2025, the Arasaka Corporation faced defeat at the hands of the U.S. military and had to pull back most of its operations to Japan.

  • Kei Arasaka, the CEO, was presumed dead, leaving control to the family patriarch, Saburo Arasaka.

  • Kei's daughter, Michiko, was an American-born teenager. With Arasaka banned from the Americas, she faced deportation to Japan.

  • In 2025, 17-year-old Michiko traveled to Washington, D.C., met with President Kress, apologized for her family's actions, and successfully pleaded to remain an American citizen.

  • Michiko later attended Stanford University, majoring in criminology, and subsequently founded Danger Gal.

Danger Gal's Operations:

  • On the surface, Danger Gal was a private investigation firm for celebrities and VIPs.

  • Michiko, the head of Danger Gal, was a regular at elite events and was known for her charm and naivete.

  • Behind the scenes, Michiko was working covertly to identify and dismantle Arasaka operations in the U.S. as part of her agreement with President Elizabeth Kress.


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  • Fantasy Grounds Unity Edition

  • PDF Drivethru RPG

  • Cyberpunk Fandom (Danger Gal)

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