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Being a female D&D player in a male dominated hobby

It’s a well-known fact that most people that play D&D and other RPG’s are of the male persuasion. This is something that is changing, and that’s a good thing. As a female in this male dominated hobby, I have no problem playing mostly with male players. I would like to see the number of females increase, and I wonder if prospective female players are scared off by the ratio of men to women. I have to say in all my time at Fantasy Grounds College, I have never had an experience where I was treated any different than my male counterparts. While I am a newer player, (I’ve only been playing about 15 months) and don’t claim to know everything, I have never been talked down to because of my lack of experience. I also have to say that everyone at FGC is treated equally, from the most knowledgeable DM with decades of experience to the player that just logged into the FGC discord, looking for some help in playing D&D online using Fantasy Grounds. If you want some proof of how much fun it can be playing D&D as a female player, you can check out this playlist of a campaign that I’m in. We are a trio of female tabaxi friends (those are cat people, for those of you who don’t recognize the race) and we have a great time together. We have several guests that have joined us in this game as well. Our next session is on September 2nd at 5:30 pm PT (UTC -7). See the info on this stream at:

We stream all our games, so you are welcome to join our stream and chat with the other viewers as you watch us as we try to find a missing little girl in the jungles of Chult. You can view the playlist at:

We at Fantasy Grounds College are fans of the Fantasy Grounds program, and advocate its use in playing D&D and other RPGs online. We are not affiliated or officially endorsed by SmiteWorks USA LLC or Fantasy Grounds.


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