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Mongoose Traveller Month

January is Traveller month at the Fantasy Grounds Academy (FGA)! The FGA volunteers have put together another jam-packed month of classes and symposiums and are excited to be bringing back this featured event.

How to Get Involved

The FGA teaches our community how to use the FGU VTT platform and hosts all of its events on the communication platform Discord. Discord allows us to chat, ask questions and share ideas, as well as live stream the desktop application Fantasy Grounds to our community.

In order to sign up for an event please follow the Discord invite link and check out the Events in the upper left corner of the application and click interested in each event you plan on attending.

Traveller Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

3 Symposiums

We are bringing back our 2 hour moderated symposiums followed by an open attendee Q&A with our panelists.

  1. Jan 8th @ 2pm EST – Indie Publisher Symposium: Jon Brazer Enterprise’s Dale McCoy and Forge content creator Pharoid

  2. Jan 15th @ 3pm EST – Publishers Symposium: Mongoose Publishing’s Matthew Sprange and Fantasy Grounds Community Developer Mad Beard Man

  3. Jan 28th @ noon EST – Celebrity Symposium: Seth Skorkowsky and Mongoose Publishing’s Matthew Sprange

List of classes currently on the schedule

The following classes are being offered by our volunteer staff:

  1. Jan 3rd @ 8pm EST – Intro to Mongoose Traveller on Fantasy Grounds

  2. Jan 9th @ 2pm EST – Character Creation 101

  3. Jan 10th @ 8pm EST – Game Master 101 – Referee Fantasy Grounds Tools

  4. Jan 16th @ 2pm EST – Game Master 101 – Referee Fantasy Grounds Tools

  5. Jan 17th @ 8pm EST – Spacecraft Operation in Fantasy Grounds

  6. Jan 23rd @ 2pm EST – Game Master 102 – Referee Campaign Development

  7. Jan 24rd @ 8pm EST – Game Master 102 – Referee Campaign Development

  8. Jan 30th @ 2pm EST – Learn to Play – One Shot Game

  9. Jan 31st @ 8pm EST – Traveller Website Resources and Tools Workshop (Learn to bring external resoruces into to your Fantasy Grounds game)

Fantasy Grounds VTT Ruleset Playlist for Preview and such: Fantasy Grounds Unity: Traveller 2 Playlist

Traveller 2e Month, January 2022

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