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Mastering the Fantasy Grounds Unity Platform: A Comprehensive Guide for New Users

Well met!

Fantasy Grounds Unity is a popular virtual tabletop platform enabling users to play role-playing games online with friends and other players worldwide. As a new user, navigating and mastering the platform can be overwhelming. This community guide provides essential tips, resources, and links to help you become proficient with Fantasy Grounds Unity. From understanding the interface to joining community events, we've got you covered.

Let's dive in!!!

Interface, Context Menus, and Session Window Organization: The first step in mastering Fantasy Grounds Unity is familiarizing yourself with the interface. Explore the different buttons and menus on the main screen, and use context menus by right-clicking on various interface elements. Spend time resizing and organizing your session windows for efficiency. Remember, the platform will save the positions of the windows you have moved, making it easier to access them in future sessions.

Character Creation, Combat Tracker Behavior, and Map Tools Usage:

Next, learn the character creation process by creating characters of different classes, races, and backgrounds. Understand how the combat tracker works to manage encounters, track initiative, and apply damage and conditions. Explore the platform's various tools for creating, editing, and sharing maps. As you become familiar with these features, you'll be better equipped to run and participate in immersive gaming sessions.

Platform Limitations and Customization Options: Every platform has its limitations. Recognizing these limitations and exploring the available customization options to tailor the platform to your specific needs is essential. Learn how the chosen ruleset, such as D&D or Pathfinder, interacts with the platform and impacts gameplay. Understanding these nuances will allow you to adapt and enhance your gaming experience.

Practice Regularly: The key to mastering Fantasy Grounds Unity is practice. Gain proficiency and confidence in using the platform through regular practice sessions. Be patient and persistent, as learning a new platform can be challenging. The more you use the platform, the more comfortable and proficient you'll become.

Fantasy Grounds Academy YouTube Channel: One excellent resource for learning Fantasy Grounds Unity is the fan-based and hobbyist Fantasy Grounds Academy YouTube channel, accessible at The channel offers a variety of tutorials and informational videos. While these videos are not paid, sponsored, or endorsed by Fantasy Grounds Unity, they provide valuable insights and guidance. Remember, the channel mainly focuses on the D&D 5e ruleset, but many concepts and techniques can be applied to other rulesets.

Fantasy Grounds Academy Community Discord Server: Another excellent resource is the Fantasy Grounds Academy community Discord server, available at Engage with other users, ask questions, and share experiences to gain valuable insights and tips from fellow users. This active community is invaluable for improving your understanding of the Fantasy Grounds Unity platform.

Official Fantasy Grounds Support Resources: For more official support, such as account issues and technical support, visit the following resources:

Community Game Days and Events: Smiteworks, the company behind Fantasy Grounds, sponsors weekly game days, allowing users to try out the platform, meet other players, and participate in a safe and open environment. These events are particularly beneficial for new users unfamiliar with the platform or hesitant about participating in a session. By joining these events, newcomers can become more comfortable with the platform, learn from experienced players, and gradually build their confidence in using Fantasy Grounds Unity.

To find more information about these weekly game days and other similar events, visit the official Fantasy Grounds forums ( and the official Fantasy Grounds Discord channel ( These platforms will provide you with updates on upcoming events, registration details, and the opportunity to connect with other users who share your interests.

These events often require you to open a FREE Warhorn account or join other Discord servers like the; FG Gaming Lounge and the FG PUG Discord servers.

Other game-related resources and links:

FG Pug Warhorn Game Scheduling Website:

In the official Fantasy Grounds Discord &* "scroll down"* to the LFG/LFP section:

Fantasy Grounds Gaming Lounge:

Conclusion: Mastering the Fantasy Grounds Unity platform takes time and effort, but by following the tips and resources provided in this comprehensive guide, you'll be well on your way to becoming an expert user. Remember, hands-on practice, exploring different resources, and engaging with the community is essential to learning. So, dive in and start your journey towards becoming a skilled Fantasy Grounds Unity user today!

Best of luck & happy gaming!


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