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Fantasy Grounds Line of Sight (Los) Play Tips

Potential "token vision" and token selection confusion for GMs or players with multiple PCs.

  1. Make sure the lighting, line of sight, and player view options are enabled by unlocking a given map. (Graphic Part 1)

  2. Make sure NPCs are on the map and the combat tracker. The combat tracker does not automatically select the view of the next PC or NPC. (Graphic Part 2)

  3. As the GM or host, you have to manually select the token of the NPC or Player that you would like to view the map. The combat tracker keeps track of who's turn it is, not who has the vision you are looking through. Make sure that you are selecting the token you wish to see through, a second click 'de-selects token vision.


The token selection behavior is by design, not accidental. The usage of the map tools takes some practice and some potential misunderstanding. By selecting a token, you are choosing to see the light/vision through that token's "eyes". You have to deselect to return to the "group" view when you control multiple tokens.

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