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Fantasy Grounds Academy Founder's Day Weekend 5!

Founder's Day V, Friday-Sunday July 29th-31st!

Another year has passed and once again we are celebrating our fifth year of service and engagement with the Fantasy Grounds community. This year we will take it easy and keep things simple. We will focus on what our community does best, and that is to provide helpful and useful content for the community as a whole to help inspire others to play their favorite games using the Fantasy Grounds Unity virtual tabletop application.

If you are new to our community and you have not joined our Discord server, the server invite link is here.

**We recommend that you use the Discord application or the phone app instead of the browser version for better integration, audio, and video use.**

Types of potential Events (more information to come)

  • Doug Davison & Smiteworks community invite.

  • Fantasy Grounds Games & related community workshops.

  • Industry guests, such as VTT Token artists & RPG Audio creator symposiums.

  • Mystery Event?

Guest List so far:

Smiteworks: Doug Davison & the Smiteworks Social Media Team (Brad, Belle, & Bryce)

Token Creators: Jan Loos, Dark Woulfe, Bernardo Hasselmann, & Devin Knight!

Audio Apps & Studios: Monument Studios, Ben Loomis of Syrinscape, West Otis of Plate Mail Audio, and also community members Gwydion and Mattekure for FG audio integration.

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