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Second Annual Founder’s Day Weekend Celebration

The weekend of July 26 – 28 will mark the second annual “Fantasy Grounds College Founder’s Day Weekend Celebration.” Wow, that is a mouthful, for sure.

2nd Annual Founder’s Day Weekend Celebration July 26 – 28, 2019

What started with the moniker of the DnD5e Church as a result of Founder Laerun’s frustration with the lack of good documentation on using Fantasy Grounds VTT, has become a source of support for D&D and RPG fans that wish to learn how to use the software to enhance their gameplay.

Fantasy Grounds College is an association of like-minded individuals that volunteer their time to teach other RPG and D&D fans that wish to explore the hobby online how to use Fantasy Grounds VTT to achieve that goal.

Classes are offered on the FGC discord to teach members to create their first character, which they can then export and print out as a character sheet to use in live games, or to import in online One Shot practice games. Not only do students get to interact with their instructor in a way they can’t by just watching videos of character creation, they can also interact with other students, forming friendships and developing relationships with people they may want to continue to game with in the future, either in more One Shots, or in long term campaigns.

It’s important to note that Fantasy Grounds College is not affiliated with SmiteWorks (the creators of Fantasy Grounds). We are just huge fans and we love sharing the love of the hobby with others.

We are now accepting applications from GMs that would like to run games during the 3-day period of the Founder’s Day Weekend Celebration. FIRST: In order to post a game, you must first register on our website. Please use your Discord name as your user name when you register. If you don’t have a Discord name, when you join our Discord, use the same name you used to create the website account. Register for an account here: If you have an account already, please visit: for full instructions on adding your game. All rulesets are encouraged at all times as we have members from all over the world. Of course, all games must be run using Fantasy Grounds, and our Discord for voice communications. If you aren’t a member of our Discord, you can join at: Note: There is no rule that says that only one game can be booked at a certain time period, so don’t worry that you won’t be able to add your game if someone else has posted their game at the same time. GMs: If you post a game during our Founder’s Day Weekend, you may want to use our Founder’s Day Weekend FGC 2019 decal for use during your games. You can get a copy from our Discord channel #gm-chat. The file is pinned and called “FDW_FGC_Decal.ext.” Just upload it to your /extensions directory in Fantasy Grounds and be sure to check the box to load it when you load your game.


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