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Renaissance of the Game: A Vision for the Future of the Open DnD General License (ODGL) OGL reworked

ODGL=Open DnD General License

"Renaissance of the Game: A Vision for the Future of the Open DnD General License (ODGL)"

The future of the Open Game License (OGL) is in our hands, and it's time to take action to ensure its success. The best way to salvage this OGL mess is to sell the brand to companies that understand the game and the community. Companies like Kobold Press, Paizo, and others should have the opportunity to purchase the brand at a discounted price. As part of the deal, the current owner can offer assistance with distribution, movies, figures, toys, and physical products.

However, that doesn't mean cutting out Hasbro completely. Instead, a partnership can be established where Hasbro is included in a residual distribution and physical products division for transportation, shipping contracts, international brokerage, logistical services, and a percentage of sales. This allows Hasbro to continue to be a part of the OGL while also allowing other companies to take the lead in the game's development and distribution.

We must not hesitate in making the game more accessible in other languages and countries. For example, it should already be available in Chinese in China. Additionally, licenses should be brought back in good faith and honor, and the OSR crowd and classic TSR games should be incorporated into the new system.

To bring the community back together, we must connect books, comics, figures, VTT platforms, and online portals through telemetry and affiliation. This would help unite the different genres and worlds that have been separated over the last 40 years. The corporate greed and misunderstandings of the past have divided the community enough, and it is time for a real RPG Renaissance.

The goal should be to bring everyone together, not to create more in-fighting. With hard work and a united effort, the vision of a fun and profitable game can be achieved. International sales, employment, diversity of products, and formats would create enough work for most of the industry, if not all. The key is to remember that the game is supposed to be fun, and profit should not be the only goal.

I know what to do, but not how to achieve it. We need to help each other out, and it starts with everyone of us and a more important and unifying idea. Together, we can make this happen. Let's work together to bring the community back together and create a game that is fun for everyone. The possibilities are endless, and the future is bright. Let's make it happen!



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